Both Bärbel Rott and Sabina Glas have been working with indiviuals and groups for many years. Bärbel, with her gift of clairvoyance and divine light flowing through her, has the ability to support deep transformation. This work can powerfully assist in healing the mental, emotional and physical body.

Sabina's bodywork THE ART OF UNDOING is oriented to the very individual and natural moving abilities, that she can gently and intuitively lead to discover. The respectful and kind approach of one´s own body helps to explore and open the inner landscapes with curiosity. Tensions and blockages can dissolve, the body reconnects and the energy begins to flow again.
Relaxation and the contact with your own inner peace can arise.

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We quickly lose ourselves in our everyday problems, in our personal view and our sometimes deadlocked opinions and concepts, and no longer look at ourselves and our life from a distance. Our retreats allows you to step out of your life for a few days, to find yourself again and to discover who you really are.

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In the meditation weekends transformation takes place. Hidden things can become visible and it is possible to discover new ways to live life with more awareness, happiness and freedom.

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In this meditation Bärbel will connect all participants with her light.
We are all this light. The light is our being.
The meditation itself takes place in silence.

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If you would like to attend one of our retreats or other events, but you have difficulties to cover the costs, please let us know and we will see how we can make your participation possible. 


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