Since autumn 2018 Bärbel Rott and Sabina Glas organize retreats together. Bärbel, with her gift of clairvoyance and the divine light flowing through her, has the ability to support deep transformation. Sabina's very gentle and beautifully attuned embodiment practice Inner Body Flow accompanies this process on the body level.

We quickly lose ourselves in our everyday problems, in our personal view and our sometimes deadlocked opinions and concepts, and no longer look at ourselves and our life from a distance.

The retreat allows you to step out of your life for a few days, to find yourself again and to discover who you really are.

Throughout the retreat you will be held in divine consciousness. Thus you will be profoundly supported on all levels on your path of healing. In Bärbel's light meditations you are lying comfortable on the ground. There is no need to do anything.

Individual processes are not discussed, this is only possible in individual sessions. There are also no personal conversations in the group. You do not need to share anything about yourself. This is not necessary, the light works in each individual. Of course it is possible to share and communicate with other participants outside the program.

The special kind of Inner Body Flow of Sabina complements the lightwork in the Divine Consciousness wonderfully. It is not about making asanas or orienting oneself on an external form, but rather about the perception of one's own inner image. The focus is to explore the Inner Landscape in a meditative way, to find orientation, to open up spaces and to experience the magic of this incredible creation. Through the dynamic and relaxing movements our body comes back into flux and we can reward ourselves with great well-being and new flexibility.

Inner Body Flow is suitable for everyone. Regardless of how old you are or whether you are doing yoga or not. Previous knowledge is not necessary.

A lot can also be integrated in everyday life, and to make this a success, Bärbel has developed a workshop that will present simple tools and exercises. This workshop, "Learn To Read Yourself", is divided into daily sequences and guides us through the whole week.

Participants who have experience with this work will also be able to benefit from this. It is a great opportunity to find out where we are standing and to discover new perspectives of our inner world.

You get a script that you can take home.

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