This time I will give the light meditations via zoom and only after prior registration by mail or Whatsapp.

In this meditation Bärbel will connect all participants with my light. We are all this light. The light is our being. The meditation itself takes place in silence.
Bärbel will play a sound at the beginning and also finish the meditation with a sound.

Please close your eyes during the meditation and go into your inner world. There you will find a place where it is very quiet. If you can perceive thoughts, then let light flow there and let the thoughts move on. Always go back to the place in you that is very calm. If you can feel the light, perceive it, then let it flow where you need it. Without intention. Everything is contained in the light itself.
In our retreats I call this: check in.

In everyday life we ​​often put other, supposedly more important, things in the foreground and we forget that we ourselves are already divine consciousness. which is also our true infinite power.

For contributions please use Paypal: All contributions will be used to support those with financial hardships to be able to attend our retreats and other events.

More details about the meditation in Italian, French and Slowak are avaialable here.