Sabina Glas



Consciousness through movement
Full of pleasure and passion and a big smile

With my practice I love to guide you back to what there is.
Learn to perceive what there is and how much can unfold just through this appreciation and kindness.

By becoming more aware of your individual movement abilities and patterns you can get to know your very personal flow of moving, your natural “river bed”. It is through absence of force or overriding ambition but through kindness, acceptance and connection that more flexibility, strength and spontaneous playfulness will grow out of your innate potential. We move towards reconnecting us with ourselves away from separating us from ourselves. As there is no right or wrong!

Much can become flexible, mobile and elastic without doing something, just by surrendering and letting go and connecting to gravity. Finding the balance between doing and undoing, action and releasing is not only more effortless but also an essential information into your body that you want to listen and support it.
A new relationship to your body can grow.

The natural flow of your body is to be experienced first.
Putting this natural flow into a canal without knowing your natural potential connects you more with a concept than with your own body and self.
It is crucial to understand that your body is not the most deficient participant in your practice.
Exactly the contrary is the case.

Recreating trust and love into this extremely intelligent creation will open up and expand not only your physical resilience and wellbeing but also shift your perspective and approach in every day´s life situations.

Everybody can enjoy this practice. Beginners and advanced movement practitioners alike.

You will be in awe to experience the inherent competence of your body.