Sabina Glas



Inner Body Flow offers you to get in touch with the inside of your body.

It is a slow investigating way of opening the body. Skin, fascia, tendons, muscles, organs and even bones.

Always feeling in on the connections or disconnections from one part to another, meeting and observing habits, experiencing and discovering unknown territories.

You will naturally develop the feeling of slowly exploring every inch of your inner landscape. It is not a forced journey with an agenda to fix something or to get anywhere but more like lovers who let their fingers walk all over the beloved body.  

We practice playfully and discover joyfully the flexibility and ability of our body to move. There are no strict moving patterns. We dissolve tensions and blockages and start to sense how energy moves through our body. A deep sensation of relaxation and vitality expands into your body.

If you go on the journey of reconnecting with your inner body, you could discover the roots of Yoga asana. Suddenly your body understands what really matters in a pose and how this asana became an asana.

Everybody can enjoy this practice. Beginners and advanced movement practitioners alike.

Inner Body Flow allows you to experience the inherent competence of your body.